Getting a good salary hike in the time of slowdown

It may be hard for a lot of people to even save their job in the hard time of recession. But still people can think of getting a good salary hike in these times. I am one of those fortunate people, who managed to get a salary hike n this hard time. For geting this hike, there was no fixed rule, but I followed some, and got the result. Here I wish to share them with you.

  • Believe in yourself: The best formula to get success anywhere is first to believe in yourself. Unless you will have faith in your own abilities, no-one will bother to believe in you. Then believing in yourself gives you a lot of strength and inspiration to complete all the tasks, even tougher ones. If you will have faith in yourself, then only you can produce a good result in your work. Thus this is the first and foremost requirement.
  • Be honest: Here being honest means being honest to your work. I feel that you cannot do justice to your work, unless you love your work. But just loving your work does not guarantee that you will be doing the work perfectly. And for making your presence felt in an organization, you need to work perfectly. Thus, be honest to your work and do full justice to it. This will give you an image boost in your organization.
  • Work hard: Unless you will work hard, you will not be able to deliver what you are expected to. Specially in these tough times, when companies are laying-off people, you will sustain only by putting some extra effort to your work.
  • Work smart: I firmly believe that only working hard does not pay, but working smart always pay. And if you could blend the two, you will certainly get the desired result.
  • Deliver on-time: As per me, what your seniors want from you is a good output, that too in a given time-frame. In some cases, if you give some-thing, that error prone, but is being delivered on time, this helps your organization a lot. And if organization get some praise due to your timely work, it’s a great reward for you. So, try putting those extra efforts in making the delivery on or before the cut-off time. I prefer keeping things ready before cut-off time, as this gives you some extra space to mend your unknown mistakes.
  • Win trust of seniors: Finally the most valued point in these times. Try to win the trust of your seniors. If you could win over management, then that is the best thing for you to have. Since you could win over your seniors only by working hard and smart, this is prone to happen that seniors start trusting you in the course, when you are following the above points.
I have followed the above points and got results, so hope these points help you as well. 
With Best Wishes.

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