Some Libraries in JavaScript

Here I have come again with some of the interesting libraries. These are very useful and saves hours of time in coding. Here are some of the fabulous ones:

  1. this is a JavaScript framework that eases dynamic web development with it’s custom commands. It has functionalities like:
    1. Ajax interface
    2. Utility methods
    3. Helper methods
    4. Extending the DOM
    5. Class Object

  2. This has complete solution for all your requirements of making your site lively with lot of custom made effects like:
    1. Appear() and Fade()
    2. Puff()
    3. DropOut()
    4. Shake()
    5. Highlight()
    6. SwitchOff()
    7. BlindDown() and BlindUp()
    8. SlideDown() and SlideUp()
    9. Pulsate()
    10. Squish()
    11. Fold()
    12. Grow()
    13. Shrink()

  3. creating custom component for your website using javascript and css is never that easy, as extjs made. Here are some of the tools provided by ExtJs:
    1. Grid
    2. TabPanel
    3. Window
    4. tree
    5. layout manager
    6. combobox
    7. form
    8. toolbar & menus

Here I also would like to share a fantastic site for cross borwser compatible codes in JavaScript. This site have a complete solution of cross browser problems. If you stuck up some where in this topic, then go here:

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